Nvidia A40 not working anymore(?)

Hi there, I am here hoping to find some help (in the meanwhile I have an open ticket with nVidia, but we are still troubleshooting)
I have a Dell PowerEdge R750 server with 128GB of RAM and an nVidia A40 which does not seem to work.
SR-IOV is enabled and SecureBoot is disabled.
I have tried many combinations for different OS (Windows Server 2019/2022, Linux Ubuntu 22.04, VMware Esxi 7) and different GRID drivers (525, 525,470) but the behaviour is the same: on windows I get “error 43”, on linux an nvidia module crash on vmware a passthrough not working for a Windows/Linux VM.
Also “nvidia-smi” does not run
I think I have followed all the guides available but the problem persists.
What can I do more?