NVIDIA Announces Jetson AGX Xavier

Hehe yes, it is definitely FTDI - not SPDI.

There are two I2S on the devkit for audio, in addition the HD Audio header - one I2S on the 40-pin header and another accessible through the M.2 key-E.

I’m trying to understand if Xavier might be the system for us. Can I connect a PCI card such as the following https://www.small-tree.com/products/281/p3e10g-4-xr-10gbe-four-port-10g-sfp to enable quad 10gig Ethernet connectivity? I need to connect 4 10gig cameras.

I’ve read about PCI slots but I don’t see where they are and if I can indeed make a PC slot like the one I’ve posted fit into the Xavier

FYI, the advertisement for that impressive network card says it requires a Mac Pro, so whatever special software comes with it probably won’t work (maybe there is a driver for it though since it uses an Intel chipset, but I’m guessing functionality would be limited under aarch64). The physical slot itself shouldn’t have any problem with this since it is x8 electrically and can run at speeds up to rev. 4 (that card is rev. 3).

This specific card with MacOS support aside, 10GbE adapters with Intel chipsets and Linux drivers should generally work. Mellanox adapters may require looking into their OFED RDMA stack on ARM - they have started making releases for ARMv8 but not sure they’ve been tested on Jetson before.

Can we see the deviceQuery output of this device please?

I am personally most interested in the size of its L2 cache.

Hi cbuchner, GPU L2 cache size is 512KB. There’s also a 4MB L3 cache shared between CPU/GPU.

I see that Xavier and Isaac are supposed to be offered to select developers sometime this month. Is there any word on what part of the month, or when they will be available if we are not lucky enough to be selected? Also, what are the chances of an educational discount being offered similar to what was done for TX1 and TX2? I am the lead on a small team designing a robotics platform to use the incredible compute efficiency offered by the Xavier platform for the DARPA SubT challenge that opens on the 15th, and it would be incredibly helpful to have the information above to finalize our budgeting and begin ordering the required components. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  • Trevor Gower

Hi Trevor, if you sign up with the “Notify Me” form on this page, you will be among the first to receive notice later this month.

Thanks for checking, however there isn’t an EDU discount available for Jetson Xavier.

Hi Dustin,

Somebody was mentioning upcoming TX3 too, do you have any information on it which you can possibly share? I’m especially curious how the TX3 would differentiate from Xavier spec-wise?


They must have been thinking that the next-gen Jetson (Xavier) would be called TX3…

Hi dusty

We want to know where to buy the daughter board which can connect to this developer kit’s special

16X CSI-2 lanes interface connector and handle GMSL cameras.

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Hi Albert, you would need to inquire with the Jetson Camera Partners about who plans to offer GMSL interface.

Here is one such example from e-con Systems: https://www.e-consystems.com/gmsl-camera-for-nvidia-jetson-tx2.asp

We’ve posted the first round of docs and assets for Jetson Xavier!

More to come in a few weeks.

Is the Xavier boot process open source or will firmware blobs be required? I can’t seem to find any information on it. Can it run fully open source software? If not, what parts do require proprietary software?

Hi Ramsey, as with TX1/TX2, the bootloader will be open-source. Also like TX1/TX2, the Technical Reference Manual will be available which developers have used in the past to integrate graphics support into open-source drivers like Nouveau.

NVIDIA is now accepting pre-orders for the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit! For the latest info, see our recent blog.

Pre-orders are currently able to be placed in North America, Europe, Japan, and China. Other regions will follow soon.

Initial pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis within an estimated six-week time period beginning early September 2018.

To pre-order the devkit, see here — [b][url]https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/buy/jetson-xavier-devkit?ncid=so-int-jnxrpr-57255[/url][/b]

We’ve released the preliminary Jetson Xavier Module Data Sheet and Jetson Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, complete with the functional and electromechanical specifications, module pin-out, power management, signalling & routing guidelines, ect.

In addition to the design files that we posted previously, these documents allow embedded developers to begin exploring product designs. Have fun!

For the full list of documentation and resources currently available for Jetson Xavier, see here.