Nvidia Caustic Example projects(not exe)

I am wondering if there are links for Caustic project that shown in internet. I would like to have their actual UE projects, not EXE. So that I can play with it.

I just found them…In case you also would like to have a look those impressive demos in Unreal Engine itself, here is their link shared by NVIDIA.

Hi @conceptaart

For each NvRTX Caustics branch release version, you need to carefully read the readme docs from git page: https://github.com/NvRTX/UnrealEngine/tree/NvRTX_Caustics-5.2

You can find the corresponding downable demo projects link in that page as well, additionally, please copy and paste the BP_RTX folder from the demo project to your own since there is a couple of performance and quality trade off graphics preset I made for better scalability purpose for each platforms.