How can I access the RTX Caustics branch?

I’ve stumbled uppon a nvidia showcasing DLSS and RTXGI on Unreal Engine 4.27, the caustics showcase really peaked my interest. Impressed set upped all the nvidia plugins, but still something was missing.I finded out I have to download some files from the NVIDIA RTX Caustics Branch on Github… but it’s missing. Will it comeback? Is it being updated for UE5? I’d really like to experiment and apply this caustics workflow.

Hey there, had this problem too but and it turned out I missed a step in the process of linking my Epic and my GitHub accounts. If that is not done you will only get a ‘404 Page not found’. In my case I forgot to accept the Invite you get with a mail
here is a guide how to do it

Checked right now and the caustic branch is still up, I hope this helps :)

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This link is an Nvidia Github branch, either way I linked my Epic Games account to my Github, still no luck.

If you scroll down to the Caustics section, can you access that Github branch? I don’t know if this is an issue only I’m having, or is that branch not available to anymore?
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Did you accept the invite to Epics GitHub that comes after the account linking that you will get per e-mail? The caustic branch is still up there

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I didn’t got a notification, I had to search for it. Accepted it, it works now thank you! Thank you for helping me out

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