Guys ive received approval for rtxgi but the join button doesnt appear :( HELP

There isn’t any program-specific content on the NVIDIA Developer website for the RTXGI program, which is why there’s no button once you’re approved. All the material is available on GitHub if you are logged in using the GitHub ID you submitted the application for. If you aren’t logged in, GitHub will 404.

The email you received from us should contain the GitHub link.



hi, i run into the same issue - got a mail saying i got approved but no GitHub link
would be nice if you could post the link here or please send per mail

did some more “research” might be that i submitted wrong GitHub nick and not the account name

found out as i joined “NvidiaGameWorks”

any help would be really welcome

thanks in advance

your github login email and epic game’s one are different i guess. check your other email for the link

thanks, got no other mail, but i found the github link on that site