can not access UnrealEngine repository in Github

i am trying to implement Isaac sim and I am following the documentation this one:

but after i have created and linked my Epic UnrealEngine account to GitHub
which mean i can access the following link to download the IsaacSim_1.2

but the link doesn’t work .

so any help in that matter .


Have you received the email from github with an invitation link?
The linkeing between github and UE4 is complete after you have received such an email and click on it to confirm the linking.

Hope this helps,

Hello @ltorabi, thank you for your replay .

yes i have received an email and i have click the confirmation link in order to complete the linking problem .
i even checked my unrealengine account and it shows that i have linked to GitHub.
however when i try to open the link from the documentation it does not work .

is there any other way to download the IsaacSim_1.2 other than the GitHub repository

I am thankful for your help and waiting for your response ^_^.

thanks @ltorabi
i redo the process with different account and it work

Glad it worked.