Problems for downloading Issac sim

Hi there,

I followed the instructions here:

as shown in step 2: To link your GitHub account, follow the instructions at this website:

For this one, I completed step 5 “After opening the Connected Accounts menu, select the Connect button below the GitHub icon.” to link my github account with epicgames.

However, for step 6. “Read and agree to the Unreal Engine End User License Agreement (EULA) by following the displayed prompt.
The prompt will not display if you have already agreed to the Unreal Engine EULA.”

I could not find any bottom to agree to this EULA!!!

And I assume that I did not successfully complete this authorization since I got 404 in

Any solutions to that? Really appreciate!


solved my problem! Really easy to miss that invitation!

Hi Rosy,

I am glad you could successfully download Isaac Sim. Yes the process of linking between git and Unreal is a bit tricky.

The invitation comes via email. It is NOT a button request on the web page. By waiting patiently for the email, you will eventually get the invitation. It took at least 3 minutes for the email after the connect.