Isaac Sim setup: missing file to download

Following the tutorial the file IsaacSimProject_1.2.gitdeps.xml is not available in the Isaac download page

Hi, we’ve updated the setup.html page. Look for the “Isaac Sim Content XML” download.

Sorry about this the documentation was posted a day earlier that the actual downloads. All Isaac Sim downloads are available now.

Thanks @ltorabi,
I’m testing the two simulation examples right now ;)


I just wanted to add one important step that wasn’t clear to me in case anyone else runs into it.

Simply connecting the unreal account, and the github account isn’t good enough.

At some point in the process there is an invitation link on the unrealengine website. I ignored this invitation link, and jumped straight to trying to the clone the UnrealEngine at NvPhysX.

That of course didn’t work.

Once I went back and clicked on the invitation link then it did work.

The invitation link is what actually authorizes github to access UnrealEngine on the NVPhysX account.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that is an important step, that shouldn’t be skipped. We can add it to the instructions to make it more clear for other users.

I believe this invitation link is still missing from the documentation, could someone please explain where to find it and the documentation please be updated?

This is added to the documentation, but the new document will show up with the next release around end of June.

still missing the link guys…


Please use the latest Isaac SDK and Sim that was released yesterday.
Please note that Isaac Sim based on UE4 will be no longer be developed and supported by Isaac SDK for 2019.3 release and forward.
Please use the Isaac Sim based on Unity.

Thank you,

how can we import URDF within Unity?


I think there are tools for this on Unity, but please ask your question in the “Isaac Sim for navigation” forum to get detailed answer.