No Isaac Sim Unity3D to download

The setup of Isaac Sim SDK points me to another link to install unity3D. But then in I don’t see where to download Isaac Sim Unity3D.

Hello @toanngosy and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Unfortunately the Unity 3D support has been deprecated, as stated also on the Isaac SIM Download page. Omniverse is now your go-to platform for Isaac simulation projects.

If the newest version of Isaac SIM as found on the download pages still has references to Unity 3D, please let me know where that is so we can fix the documentation.

To get you started with Omniverse and Isaac I recommend you look also at the Omniverse Isaac category here in our forums.

I hope that helps.

Thank you so much, I see the note stated that Note: Isaac NavSim based on Unity3D will be deprecated and not supported; Isaac Sim based on NVIDIA Omniverse is the simulation platform.

However, the Isaac Setup page still points to the Isaac Sim Downloads: isaac/isaac/doc/setup.html#isaac-sim-unity3d-setup

Isaac Sim SDK also has a section for Unity3D:

@MarkusHoHo @toanngosy So the information in this documentation IsaacSim Unity3D has been deprecated as well, right? May I know how can I utilize the asset and scene that have been built in Unity3D?