Nvidia Caustic for 5.3 version

Hi there, I was trying to use RTX caustic that available in Nvidia Unreal Engine branch, But I didn’t able to see for engine 5.3 version. I was wondering if they merged nvrtx branch with caustic branch or? there is a nvrtx branch for 5.3 but not caustic branch

As far as I understand the NVRTX 5.3 Caustics is not out yet. There was a great webinar recently which mentioned that the Caustics update usually gets released a few weeks after the main 5.3 update. Someone can correct me, but I believe these are the latest NVRTX, and NVRTX Caustics branches:


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LRPLighting is correct, I just double checked and Caustics is still at 5.2 only. But an update will follow some time soon.

Can you help me understand how to install? I have compiled from visual studio the 5.2 version from git hub but the RTXGI plugin is missing and when I try to paste it manually it shows either an incompatibility version of the engines either the need to recompile everything again. What is the missing link here?

It’s now February. Do we still expect Caustics to be updated for 5.3 or does NVIDIA have other plans?