Nvidia Caustic for 5.3 version

Hi there, I was trying to use RTX caustic that available in Nvidia Unreal Engine branch, But I didn’t able to see for engine 5.3 version. I was wondering if they merged nvrtx branch with caustic branch or? there is a nvrtx branch for 5.3 but not caustic branch

As far as I understand the NVRTX 5.3 Caustics is not out yet. There was a great webinar recently which mentioned that the Caustics update usually gets released a few weeks after the main 5.3 update. Someone can correct me, but I believe these are the latest NVRTX, and NVRTX Caustics branches:


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LRPLighting is correct, I just double checked and Caustics is still at 5.2 only. But an update will follow some time soon.