NvRTX Branches For 5.2?

5.2 preview just released and I know it’s very early but I use the NvRTX as my primary branch and I’m just curious if there is any information when the 5.2 (NvRTX/Caustics) branches might be available? Also any word if Substrate (Strata) support be functional?

Hi there @mglade30!

We always try to keep up to date with the latest UE developments. As you can imagine it usually takes some time to merge and test the new branch. For that reason we usually do not use preview branches but rather the final release branch as a base.

I recommend having a look at the latest Blog update on the topic and if you had registered for GTC, watch the VOD for the Ue related session that was held last week:

Accelerating Ray Tracing and AI in Unreal Engine [S51851]

Regarding Strata there is no news as far as I am aware. But since it is “only” a material enhancement, I would be surprised if it would not be functional.


is there any hope to upgrade branches to UE 5.11?

When will the DLSS3 plug-in for UE5.2 be released?

Now that 5.2 is out officially when could we potentially expect a new build? 😀

That information is not yet available, I am sorry.

Now that 5.2 is out officially when could we potentially expect a new build? 😀

Same here, no official plan is made public at this time.

Any public plans on UE 5.2?

(Using thousands of shadowing lights in Unreal is such a great stuff and essential to us.
A must-have feature for the engine, I cannot understand why this is not included yet.)

Well, the new plugin is out, see DLSS - Download and Get Started | NVIDIA Developer

As is the newest NvRTX branch for UE 5.2

Sorry it took me a bit longer to add the information here.

NvRTX Caustics branch is out: https://github.com/NvRTX/UnrealEngine/tree/NvRTX_Caustics-5.2

cannot compile this branch