Trying to get DLSS working in UE 5.2 running source but i run into issues

I saw on youtube that someone did manage to get his hands on or correctly compiled DLSS for UE5.2 .
So i was trying the last couple of days to get it to work without any progress.

Anyone knows the way?

Hi there @andrecbbc88, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

My best advice would be patience and subscribe to the notification option of upcoming DLSS announcements.

If we add official UE 5.2 support, you will read it there first. Anything that someone “got his hands on” would most likely be unreliable or even worse, break the licensing agreement of whatever DLSS DLL that person might be using.


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what is the pipeline then there for?

I don’t think I understand what you mean. Which pipeline are you referring to?

Hi there, is there a timoeline we could go by for the next edition if dlss support for ue5.2?. I know 5.3 is due quite soon too. Have you thought about creating a solution that is transferrable between each succeeding version? I ask because each release takes such a long time now to release and the next update of UE fixes niche game-breaking bugs I have. So updating is important but then without dlss it will run poorly on VR since my criteria is to use their technologies like lumen to fulfil my contract :/

Hei @attagraphics,

If Unreal Engine just makes minimal updates it is usually just a question of a few weeks until we update our plug-in as well. That was for example the case of 5.1 and 5.1.1

But of course if there are major changes like in the version switch to 5.2, some of the in-engine dependencies make it necessary to re-do our integration, not necessarily from scratch, but still with considerable effort. Think about how Lumen and Nanite were introduced or overhauled, they of course interact with our own ray tracing and compute related add-ons. That makes it nearly impossible to simply “transfer” or tools.

Regarding 5.2, check out the “Inside Unreal” video with some of our guys. The UE 5.2 plugin is “coming soon”. That’s all we can share right now.