DLSS 3 Unreal Engine 5.1 NVSDK_NGX_EParameter_SuperSampling_Available -> NVSDK_NGX_Result_FAIL_UnsupportedParameter

Platform: Windows 10
GPU: RTX 3090
Driver version: 536.40
Software stack: Source build of Unreal Engine 5.1.1 with the DLSS3 plugin

I’m trying to integrate the DLSS 3 plugin into my game’s version of Unreal Engine. We’re using a source build of Unreal 5.1.1. I downloaded the plugin, installed it and enabled it, but the plugin says that DLSS isn’t supported at runtime.

There’s an on-screen debug text: “DLSS Information: DLSS is not supported due to NotSupported”

I then looked in my logs:

LogDLSSNGXD3D12RHI: NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Init_with_ProjectID(ProjectID = FB31A47043953A0F0FC95DB11BF341B4, EngineVersion=5.1, APIVersion = 0x15, Device=000001A6D5D308C0) -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success)
LogDLSSNGXD3D12RHI: NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Init (Log E:/Test Builds/DLSS/WindowsClient/WBRacers/Saved/Logs/NGX/NGX_2023.07.13-13.41.09_79EAC041496105D0AE5FC19D3DCA50B8) -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success)
LogDLSSNGXD3D12RHI: NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_GetCapabilityParameters -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success)
LogDLSSNGXRHI: Get NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_NeedsUpdatedDriver -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success), bNeedsUpdatedDriver = 0
LogDLSSNGXRHI: Get NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_MinDriverVersionMajor -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success), MinDriverVersionMajor = 512
LogDLSSNGXRHI: Get NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_MinDriverVersionMinor -> (1 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Success), MinDriverVersionMinor = 15
LogDLSSNGXRHI: NVIDIA NGX DLSS is supported by the currently installed driver. Minimum driver version was reported as: 512.15
LogDLSSNGXRHI: Get NVSDK_NGX_EParameter_SuperSampling_Available -> (3134193680 NVSDK_NGX_Result_FAIL_UnsupportedParameter), DlssAvailable = 0
LogDLSSNGXRHI: Get NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_FeatureInitResult -> (3134193680 NVSDK_NGX_Result_FAIL_UnsupportedParameter), NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_FeatureInitResult = (3134193664 NVSDK_NGX_Result_Fail)
LogDLSS: DLSS not supported by the NVIDIA D3D12 RHI in the NGXD3D12RHI module at runtime
LogDLSS: NVIDIA NGX DLSS supported 0

It appears that NGX initializes, but the parameter NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_FeatureInitResult isn’t supported by the runtime

I get the same behavior in my game and in the sample project “NGXTest” that comes with the plugin

I’ve enabled additional NGX logging through the cvar r.NGX.EnableOtherLoggingSinks, but there’s no additional information in the logs it produces

I looked through the Troubleshooting part of the DLSS Super Resolution Quick Start PDF, but it didn’t give me any obvious direction to go in. It’s possible I missed something in that or another PDF, though

I see a few topics on this forum from people with similar issues - but I can’t link to them all because new users can only have one link in their post

In “DLSS SDK “NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_Available” returning 0”, the issue was “some Vulkan device extensions” - I’m using D3D12 in Unreal Engine, so I doubt that’s my issue.

“DLSS SDK 2.4.0 NVSDK_NGX_Parameter_SuperSampling_Available FeatureNotFound” ends with MarkusHoHo asking if the demo project works, and saying he’d check if DLSS isn’t supported on workstation GPUs. The sample project does not work for me, and I have a non-workstation GPU

“DLSS Initialize” ends with MarkusHoHo asking if the sample project fails and asking if there’s an older version of DLSS or Streamline installed on the system. I haven’t intentionally installed any DLSS or Streamline SDK items - except the Unreal plugin - but maybe they were installed automatically by something?

Thanks in advance,

This is the case for me as well. I’m on Windows 10 (latest update), Unreal 5.1.1, DLSS plugin for v5.1 from 2023.06.21 (https://developer.nvidia.com/downloads/assets/gameworks/downloads/secure/dlss/ue_5.1_dlss_3_plugin_2023.06.21.zip) and the following line fails every time:

NVSDK_NGX_Result ResultAvailable = CapabilityParameters->Get(NVSDK_NGX_EParameter_SuperSampling_Available, &DlssAvailable);

P.S. I have RTX2070 and latest GPU drivers!

This issue is related to launching Unreal project via Visual Studio. No issues when not using Visual Studio.

Can somebody from NVIDIA please confirm this? It is a very nasty issue.

I get this issue when launching from Rider, and when launching by double-clicking the .uproject file, and when launching a packaged game directly. Doesn’t seem to be related to Visual Studio

Okay, we figured out the issue. Make sure you have dlls in DLSS\Binaries\ThirdParty\Win64

I have nvngx_dlss.dll in there, and a Development folder with nvngx_dlss.dll as well. Should there be another DLL in there?

Hello @david.dubois2 and @raianlp, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Regarding the simpler issue, yes, if you start UE from outside the Epic Launcher, the order in which library include folders are passed might be different, possibly causing this kind of issue since there might be a differen nvngx_dlss.dll in your include path.

Regarding the OP issue I recommend either installing the dedicated DLSS Super Resolution plugin for UE 5.1 or upgrade UE to version 5.2. You cannot use DLSS 3 with UE 5.1 at this time because of engine dependencies.

I hope that helps.