DLSS and Unreal Engine 5.1

Where do I find NVIDIA DLSS plugin source that I can rebuild for UNREAL 5.1. The source for the 5.0 plugin doesn’t even build with.RUNUAT.BAT with 5.1. I get build errors like: E:\DLSS\DLSS510PreBuild\HostProject\Plugins\DLSS\Source\DLSS\Public\DLSSSettings.h(16): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘CustomStaticScreenPercentage.h’: No such file or directory

Can you just tell us if the DLSS plugin is supposed to build and work in 5.1? The we would stop asking and just wait for you to either state no DLSS plugin will work, or we have to wait for DLSS 3.0 to work with UE 5.1.

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Hi there!

If you downloaded the latest UE5 plugin from our web page then you will have the latest UE5 specific sources we distribute.

We did not update the plugin for 5.1 yet and given that 5.1 was only released a couple of days ago I would kindly ask for your patience on this.


Does this mean that if I build unreal from source, I wont be able to use DLSS and I only can use officially build UE ?

You can use it with any other branch from the source. The source code from Unreal Engine 5.1 and 5.2 is completely changed. Need to wait for this. I am also waiting to come out for use in virtual production.

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Hi, is DLSS for 5.1 on the way? What’s the ETA if you can tell me please? :)

Hi all and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @Mirko_Kantor and @attagraphics !

Our engineers are hard at work behind the scenes. But I can still only say “Coming soon”.

Thanks again for your patience!

It’s all good, thank you for the response :)