DLSS Unreal plugin support for UE5.3?

Is an update to the UE5 DLSS plugin to support version 5.3 planned? If so is there an approximate target date?

UE 5.3 included some new features that are very useful for my project, but not being able to use the DLSS plugin is a significant problem for me.


I have the same question. How long does it usually take Nvidia to update their plug-ins?

Or are they waiting so they can put out DLSS 3.5 support in the 5.3 update?

We’re hoping to be able to finally run VR with raytracing using DLSS where I work…

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Hello @castavernas and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Yes the plug-in will be updated for UE 5.3.

the difficulty here is that we can only start the update progress as soon as Epic releases the official version and we get access to sources to build the plug-in against.

And then we need to go through a thorough QA process to be sure we do not introduce any regression with the update.

As developers yourselves you will understand that such a process takes time. And sometimes more than we are hoping for ourselves.

So for now I can only ask kindly for your patience and to watch out for an announcement here and on the DLSS pages.



That’s great news thanks! I’ll wait patiently :)

Just to be clear, you’re currently aware that 5.3 is officially out?
I presume you are, but a lot of developers didn’t even notice it :D

Welcome @henry.ginter to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Yes, we do know that it was released. That’s what the

And then we need to go through a thorough QA process

part was about.


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