Rumours of abandoned DLSS for UE 5.4?

Wondering what’s going on there are quite a few rumours that DLSS for UE 5.4 has been abandoned. Is this confirmed? I am more confused due to the lack of news for the new plugin.

Hi there @phantasywave,

thank you for asking.

Please do not listen to those rumors.

NVIDIA is very much invested in the developer ecosystem and in adoption of DLSS and related features. And Unreal Engine is a big part of that ecosystem.

The problem with news updates is always that all we can say until we actually have a well tested, releasable plugin to share, is that we are working on it. Internally we do have of course proper project planning, QA and release processes etc. But we cannot share those publicly.

We are on the home stretch but again, no official release date to be confirmed quite yet.

Thanks for all your patience, we really appreciate it!