NvRTX and DLSS 3 for 5.1

Hey Team, hoping you could provide some background around the timing of your effort with Unreal 5.1 and when we may see the NvRtX package built/available on your GitHub. In addition, does your team intend to bake DLSS 3 into this package as well, and, if not, when may that be available for more public consumption? Our company has filled out the early access DLSS 3 forms but have not heard back, so we’d love some info on GA.

I chose to post this question today because Nvidia is out marketing these features, but as far as us devs can see, it’s not actually available. An update from the Nvidia team to the developers would be welcomed.


Hello @draughn101 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

The DLSS update for Unreal engine 5.1 is nearly done, our engineers are busy updating the software, even if we cannot share a fixed ETA yet. We will announce it here and on the DLSS pages as soon as it is done and well tested.

DLSS 3 is a greatly different piece of software and general integration into UE (or other tools) will take more time. The reason you see it already in a lot of games is that we have engineers out with those development studios helping them directly since the interest and demand is so high. This is parallel to the work on general availability. I just have to ask for your patience until you receive notification regarding DLSS 3 news.

For NvRTX tools like RTXGI the current release supports Unreal Engine v4.27 and v5.0.
As of UE5.1, Epic has enhanced the quality and performance of their Lumen GI solution which provides a viable GI option for most developers. We feel it’s valuable for our customers to work on optimizing Lumen on Nvidia GPUs to ensure it remains the best place to achieve the highest graphical experience possible.

I hope this helps!

Hey Markus! Can we expect the same shorter timeframe for NvRTX or should we expect the longer timeframe like with DLSS 3? I would love to test out what’s described in that blog post. Thanks!

Hello @sce48 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

If you are talking about RTXGI then the wait will be at least as long as DLSS 3 or even longer I am afraid. As I mentioned above the advancements of Lumen in this area are great and NVIDIA is likely to give the built-in functionality their full support than continue developing a parallel solution.

I hope that answers your question.


@MarkusHoHo any update on dlss for 5.1 though? Constantly refreshing the marketplace to check if its available:)

same, but is what Markus has been saying mean that just going with the features of lumen 5.1 are comparable to what can be accomplished with NvRTX unreal branch?

Regarding DLSS for 5.1, no news on ETA, we want to make sure it works out of the box, so thorough testing is a must.

@deeplerning the NvRTX branch is always a source for alternative approaches or feature extensions beyond just GI and which would not easily fit into a plugin or where direct integration into the UE main branch is ongoing or under consideration by both parties (regarding effort, benefits, etc.) As such the continuing RTXGI work from NVIDIA will be in that branch, meaning interested developers should be able to adopt it for their own builds of UE.

What I meant before is that the GI implementation of Lumen and of NVRTX GI are comparable enough so that NVIDIA rather prioritizes other features for UE 5.1 over RTX GI at the moment.

I hope that clarifies it a bit.


For sure, I completely understand now.

I’ve been doing a lot of side by side testing of create scenes opened up in both Unreal and Create, comparing lumen vs the rtx real time engine. I want to know for sure the strengths and weaknesses of using one vs the other as the progress of the Unreal connector has really come a long way and is providing impressive results. I want to have the option of rendering jobs using lumen, while still primarily crafting as much as possible inside of create.

One more quick question regarding DLSS3. Is it safe to assume this is something that can or would only be features available when using 4000 series cards? in the context of both Create and this Unreal NvRTX package? Would I be out of luck with my 3090 ti card? I have a feeling probably so but wanted to check for sure.

One of the main new features of DLSS 3 is frame generation. Meaning creating additional frames from previously gathered information about rendered frames. For this we make use of a dedicated Optical Flow Accelerator (OFA), which is newly introduced with the RTX 40 series.

That said, just like with our unified driver architecture, I do not expect NVIDIA to maintain separate DLSS versions for pre and post RTX 40 generations. Any improvements for DLSS that are not dependent on Ada specific hardware like OFA will most likely work on any Hardware with RT cores, but of course your performance will differ.

And who knows, even the more advanced features might come to older Hardware if our engineers find ways to do it performant enough.

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