Demo Projects renders not correct + add preview images of Demos to NVIDIA RTX Caustics Branch

Hi, I just compiled the RTX Caustics Branch 4.27. I am particular interested in exploring the 2 maps as seen below. I noticed compiling the shaders when launching a downloaded project takes up to 2 hours for me, so I was wondering if their are preview images of the maps that are up for download at the google drive’s Tech and Demo projects, so I can see upfront what is included.

For now, any suggestions which of files available for download I must pick for these maps? thx


Hi there crz_06,

I am not quite sure what you are asking for?

The pictures you posted are the previews of the expected outcome. And the Google Drive links point to the necessary map file, assets and blueprints. If you want to exactly reproduce the results, you should download all assets.

Regarding shader compilation, this will only take this long on first compilation, afterwards they should be cached unless modified.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the fact that a simple thumbnail image of what the maps contain, might make it a look easier to scan what demo project is relevant for ones own purpose and thus worth compiling.

Anyway, I found the file with the glasses I was looking for. MeshCausticsDemo 4.26/povray.uproject
The only map I can find with the prisms is the one with dozen prisms, however not the one with just 4 (including the curved one). Much appreciated i you can show me where to download this one

However when I compile and run the map it looks like overexposed and not as it should be. The same techDemo .exe file shows just fine.
I attach 2 printscreens vs how it should look. Any suggestions what might be the cause?


I run a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU, and installed the latest driver

I would suspect that this is due to some difference in your global Unreal settings, not depending on the driver version. Beyond that I can*t help much, I am not that familiar with this tech. But I reached out to some other people who might.

And maybe the community has some ideas why there is this difference.

Thanks for asking around. Hope someone knows ;)

FYI, I haven’t change any setting. Just compiled the branch to the letter as mentioned in the install video’s (which was very helpful). And ran the files straight after downloading