UE4 NvRTX-Caustics branch - Assert


Does this look familiar to anyone - NvRTX Caustic branch - pull from github, setup, genprojfiles, build, launch (let all 6000 shaders build), open or create any new project… it initializes to this point and: Assert, Shader.IsValid - FClearTexturePS


I saw something similar, while searching google, and it suggested a possible problem with build.cs, but I’m stumped and it takes hours to make any change and test it - any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The main branch on this same project is a 4.26 build for DLSS - which builds and works fine… so I dunno.

Thanks in advance. sk…

addl’ deets: 120GB free on drive, 3080 card, i5 pc, windows 10.

I found out what’s causing this - I was hoping to have a fix for it before I posted a reply, but I haven’t been successful so far.

If you try to open a UE project that doesn’t have raytracing already turned on, you’ll get this assert. So, if you try to, for example, just open a template file without checking the “enable raytracing” option, the file will crash out before it loads.