NVIDIA certification suspension

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully you are reading this message in best of your health. I am a graduate student and working on NVIDIA GPU’s with CUDA C as a programming language. I heard about NVIDIA certification but after reading about it on NVIDIA website, i came to know that it is temporarily suspended. So I sent an email to inquire when it will be restarted but the reply is not much positive. The concerned authorities said that they are not sure about it and may be this suspension will be permanent. This is the original reply from them “Unfortunately, the future of the program is not clear, and looks as if it will be permanently discontinued”.

This situation is very alarming for me because i think this program is good to judge one’s GPU skills. So now do any of you know about it that whether this certification program will start again or i am late? Also is there any other certification program launched by NVIDIA?

Waiting for a favorable response.


Note: the email to NVIDA was sent yesterday and i received prompt reply from them.