NVIDIA CUDA ToolKit Installation ERROR

I am facing a problem while installing the NVIDIA CUDA TOOLKIT on my Windows 11 laptop and have a GeForce GTX1650 Ti which is compatible with CUDA.

It lists the components that are Not Installed and and gives an error message “NVIDIA Installer failed”

Please help me out here.

I just had the same problem. Windows 11. I had 11.6 installed a year ago. This update said it was uninstalling that version, but then it blew up. Yes, PLEASE HELP. (addl detail…there was a note during 12.3 install that I might need to update the path to 11.6 (?). I don’t care about 11.6 any more. I’m trying to enable Cuda in Pytorch at the moment).

Followup…I was able to get through the install by refreshing a few things, including windows update, the general nvidia graphics update (connected to the icon in the tray), and I think most importantly, I refreshed my 1+ year old version of Visual Studio 2022. I also redownloaded the Cuda Toolkit. Cuda Toolkit then installed without problem - who knows exactly why? [I had been coding in Cuda from C in Visual Studio for a few months about a year ago, and I believe I needed to force a few settings to get it running…VS update might have repaired something].