NVIDIA DeepStream SDK on Jetson Early Access Program

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK on Jetson makes it easy for developers to develop and deploy AI-based intelligent video analytics (IVA) capabilities in their products. Application developers can use this SDK to rapidly prototype and build products ranging from intelligent cameras to appliances for applications in smart cities, robotics, and industrial automation.

DeepStream SDK on Jetson uses Jetpack, which includes L4T, Multimedia APIs, CUDA, and TensorRT. The SDK offers a rich collection of plug-ins and libraries, built using the Gstreamer framework to enable developers to build flexible applications for transforming video into valuable insights. DeepStream also comes with sample applications including source code and an application adaptation guide to help developers jumpstart their builds.

The Early-Access Program for DeepStream on Jetson is available today. If interested, please apply here. Source is provided.

Dev Page…https://developer.nvidia.com/deepstream-jetson

When is the final release ?

Hi Ravi, early next year. We pinged the team on your application since you make smart camera with Jetson.

How long does it take to get accepted/denied? applied for the SDK access last month, but haven’t heard anything

Sorry for the delay Bogdan123, let us check the status of your application.

Thanks, please let me know if you need anything else from me?


Hi, Dusty_nv

Could you help check our application as well, we applied about a month back. thanks

Hi guys, for now the DeepStream SDK EA is putting a hold on granting applications to the EA program temporarily while the next release is being developed, sorry about that. We’ll notify you when it’s made available.

When is Jetson DeepStream SDK release for public? Applied for the SDK access last week, could you please check my application?

Hi lakshmih85, this SDK is still under development and general availability is sometime later this year. We appreciate your interest and will pass this to the team. In general, early access programs have limited slots and the team is trying to expand the availability as fast as possible.

In GitHub page of Jetson Inference ( https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference ), there exist source code where compilation from it explained in detail. Can we use that source code instead of downloading DeepStream SDK 1.0 (which is currently unavailable to download) from Nvidia’s website?

Hi burakmandira, certainly you can get started with deep learning using jetson-inference and the DIGITS training system + TensorRT workflow it uses.

Hi all, the public release of DeepStream SDK v1.5 on Jetson has been posted, see here: