How to use Deepstream? (Solved)

Hi, I got the DeepStream SDK “DeepStream_SDK_on_Jetson_1.5_pre-release.tbz2” from the official website yesterday, and installed it on my own tx2 developer kit according to the README instructions in the SDK, and also successfully ran the sample application. Now I want to use the DeepStream SDK to develop my application, but I can’t find any specific instructions on README or the Internet about how to use it, such as how to call the APIs to build a project. Is there have any detailed usage documentation can be provided? Or the way I use the SDK is actually wrong?


After you extracting the DeepStream_SDK_on_Jetson_1.5_pre-release.tbz2, there is a document file named as NVIDIA_IVA_SDK_References.tar.
Extract it and open the document from Start_IVA_Docs.html.


I will take a look at these documents, thank you very much.

Hi. can I get support (and working) DeepStream 1.5 for JetPack 3.3?