Nvidia DirectCompute Code Sample directcompute


I am trying to build the DirectCompute codesample in the 3.0 beta SDK.

I use a Geforce GTX 260M on Windows 7 x64.

The build was perfect, except that when there is anything wrong about dxerr9.lib or d3dx11_beta.lib, change them to dxerr.lib and d3dx11.lib. This may be caused by that 3.0 beta SDK used the beta version of DX11 SDK.

The problem for me is: although the programs were built successfully, running them simply gives nothing. I debugged ImageProcessingCS and found that when DXUTCreateDevice is called, the HRESULT returned is -2147219199 and therefore, DXUTGetExitCode returns 1, which is an undertermined error. I can’t find any reference indicating what it means. Anyone can help it?


-2147219199 is 0x80040901. Using DirectX Error Lookup tool, it says the error is DXUTERR_NODIRECT3D.

Maybe you have retail DirectX 11 SDK installed (which is August 2009 IIRC) and that may prevent beta DX11 to run?

Finally I solved this problem by identifying that the SDK uses beta DXUT as well, which is built-into NVIDIA’s own SDK distribution.

The workaround is to use the lib files (DXUTd.lib and DXUToptd.lib) generated by the DXUT project in the latest MS DirectX SDK (use /MT instead of /MD). The samples (ImageProcessingCS et al) work now. Remeber to use D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_10_0 (11 is not supported on NVIDIA cards until Fermi).