I am trying to get some of the Video SDKs samples to work. I am trying to try out the nvDec functionality outputting directly to the display via DirectX. The goal is to obtain a video stream and do all decoding and rendering with Nvidia hardware. I have an Nvidia Quadro P620 graphics card with Direct X 12 installed. My Direct X driver has compatibility with DirectX 11.

I have built and try to run the AppDecD3D sample application. I am setting the Direct 3D option to use Direct 3D 11. I have an h264 movie I am trying to decode and render. The sample application reports out that it decodes the movie and shows corresponding stats that are correct, however the display window is just completely black. The display does go away after the movie time has lapsed, so it thinks it is rendering.

Any suggestions on what to check to correct the display output?