nvidia driver and nvcc conflict

Hi all,
I have an old HP MobileWorkstation with Nvidia Quadro FX880M gpu.

I have installed Xubuntu 16.04 with recommended Nvidia-340.104 driver.

If I try to install NVCC, the mandatory driver turn to Nvidia-390 and I have some problems with the system.

Which version of NVCC could i install to driver and nvcc that works fine?

Use a 340.xx driver. The latest CUDA version supporting that very old GPU is CUDA 6.5

Hi txbob,
thank you for your reply.

I tried to install 340.104 with Cuda 6.5 using this guide


and this patch


for the kernel 4.13.

Now seem to be ok :)

Hi txbob,
I have another problem, when I compile an application I have the error:

nvcc fatal : Unsupported gpu architecture ‘compute_52’

In this topic:


you gave at the user a different version of CUDA toolkit with Support for GeForce GTX9xx GPUs.

Can you give me a custom version for my gpu, please?


cuda toolkit 6.5 doesn’t support compute_52. That would be a maxwell generation GPU.