Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT

My driver have NVCUDA.DLL

C:>dir NVCUDA.DLL /a /s
Volume in drive C is WD_160GB
Volume Serial Number is 62D5-4DC7

Directory of C:\Windows\System32

19.11.2015 23:00 13.957.976 nvcuda.dll
1 File(s) 13.957.976 bytes

Directory of C:\Windows\SysWOW64

19.11.2015 23:00 11.316.168 nvcuda.dll
1 File(s) 11.316.168 bytes

 Total Files Listed:
           2 File(s)     25.274.144 bytes
           0 Dir(s)  100.307.984.384 bytes free

I have GeForce 9500 GT. and my driver have NVCUDA.DLL.

Which version of CUDA Toolkit does my graphic card support?
Does my graphic card support CUDA?
Which version should I download?


GeForce 9500 GT is a compute capability 1.1 device:


You can use any CUDA toolkit up through CUDA 6.5 on it.

You cannot use CUDA 7, 7.5 or any future toolkit.

Depending on which CUDA toolkit you choose, the CUDA toolkit installer may install a newer driver for your GPU.

Hello friends, how are you?

I’m trying to install the cuda toolkit for geforce 9500 gt.

If only CUDA 6.5 will work with these boards, how do I install the packages onto my centos linux and install the correct driver too? The compatible driver is 340.29-2 and when I install the cuda-6.5 package, it keeps try to install the latest driver version.

Option 1:
Use a CUDA 6.5 runfile installer.


(Instead of using a package manager based install method - rpm, etc.)

Option 2:
Install the proper driver selected by the wizard:


then install via the rpm method, but don’t install cuda-6-5 package, instead install cuda-toolkit-6-5 package.


Thank you!