NVIDIA Geforce Experience driver version

Hi All,

NVIDIA Geforce Experience keeps saying “A new driver is available for your GPU”.

Is this because the Vulkan driver version is not in sync with the Geforce driver version?

Is there something that can be done to get this fixed?

I don’t know the internals of NVIDIA Geforce Experience, perhaps it needs to check also if the latest Vulkan driver is installed.

Thanks in advance for any reply,


NVIDIA Geforce Experience:
Geforce driver: 391.91
Vulkan driver: 356.39

Our Vulkan beta driver comes from a different/earlier driver branch than the branch from which our regular driver releases are created from.

This won’t be an issue though in the future once Vulkan is part of our regular driver releases that can be downloaded e.g. via the GeForce Experience application.

Thank you for the information, I understand and look forward to the time that Vulkan is part of the regular driver releases, that would be great! :)

PS: Does the email notification of this forum works? I didn’t received a notification (I checked spam folder also) :(

Sorry probably not as versed as you on this but curious. I have a GTX 750 Ti Driver 362.00 Geforce experience. Windows 10 64 bit 16 gig of ram.

Was reading about these Vulkan drivers. How would they benefit me and do they install without difficulty?

@jr3326 Well, there’s no benefit if you’re not a programmer and/or not using programs that are using the Vulkan API. For example I do a lot of GFX programming and research for speed, the Vulkan API is a low level API so it benefits me.

For me the Vulkan driver installed without a problem but I read on the forum that some people have problems with the driver. If you like to run the Vulkan demos and/or program yourself then you can try to Install the Vulkan driver. I don’t see any benefit for normal usage because programs not written for the Vulkan API just don’t use it.

@Mathias_Schott It seems that email notification is not working, is this going to work in the near future?
Also the spam reporter is not working, it just popups a dialog with the text that it’s not implemented, is that going to work also in the near future?