Linux Driver Release Method

So I saw that NVIDIA released the 450.36.06 beta driver, but it’s in a cuda toolkit. Umm…alright… So I attempted to simply extract just the driver using the “—extract=foo” command, but found no “” files after extraction. I’m not entirely sure where they are buried.

So this terrible experience prompted me to post about an issue I’ve had with the way nvidia releases their drivers for Linux to begin with.

So for what ever reason, you have three different version of the nvidia driver. Stable, Beta, and Vulkan Beta. Already, terrible idea. You should just have the Beta driver be the Vulkan Beta driver and have two simple choices.

For whatever reason, the Vulkan beta lags behind the Beta it terms of certain changes and fixes, according to the changelogs.

A great example, is me trying to compile 440.66.15 with the new 5.7 kernel, but it failing for some reason. Sadly, pretty common issue with nvidia blob. It literally brakes everything new kernel release. So yeah, let’s add another package to really spice things up. Ok great…

So it seems maybe, just maybe, you are actually using the Vulkan beta to test the latest and greatest like common sense would, instead of the Beta being newer but containing an older version of Vulkan, but no, bundle it in a cuda toolkit. I’m done.