Nvidia mainline driver changelog is not detailed about VLK changes and new extensions

Hi , maybe many of you won’t consider it as a noteworthy thing to nag about rightfully but info about Vulkan related changes on mainline releases are really far from showing what is fixed or added.

For example:

Rightfully , VLK Developer beta drivers has changelogs about every fix , improvement , new features and extensions.

Mainline 450.51 driver release changelog:


Has 4 mentions about Vulkan in total , 2 of them are bug fixes , one of them is related to image sharpening , one of them is about displayport.

So are there no new extensions compared to previous mainline 440 series or any other changes that might affect performance of Vulkan apps ( who am i kidding , games ) ?

There are new etx’s and improvements but only way to know about them is VLK database if someone that feels generous uploaded their info there.

It has VK_EXT_custom_border_color and it has this change from VLK beta drivers which affects DXVK performance in a good way with quite a bit on some games : Added support for a new device-local VkMemoryType which is host-coherent and host-visible

Only way to know about them is either vlkinfo or as i said web vlkinfo database aka vulkan gpuinfo website.

I hope Nvidia can improve this in future releases because otherwise many people wonders what is changed and improved and scratchs their heads due most of the changes mentioned in VLK beta drivers doesn’t even get a mention at all. Even confuses some people and leads them into thinking :

Whoa , this driver released after 3 months since latest mainline and doesn’t even have the extensions that are in VLK beta drivers for months and XYZ app , project , translation layer needs that people always mentioned and told me to use VLK beta driver? Damn

Bottomline of it ; mainline driver changelogs are way too far from representing what is respectively changed.