Help fetching current driver versions..?

Hi. So what would be the best way to fetch the current driver versions from command line? For some nonsensical reason (imo), you’re blocked from downloading the “Current graphics driver releases” post from this forum using wget or curl. And, Nvidia’s own webpage doesn’t list beta driver. I’m trying to fetch the current stable & beta driver versions and I need to do it with wget or curl because my boxes don’t have a desktop/web browser/gui/bla bla…

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I noticed a long time ago that the direct links were being given out like back in the nvnews forums days. What I started doing a long time ago was just repurposing my historical wget commands and updating them with current versions when I see the announcement. For instance, here are the URLs for the last two versions I downloaded so you can see where to substitute:

I think the nvidia-installer script has a way to get the latest version, but I have never tried it.

The downloading the driver part is no problem, it’s the fetching the current stable & beta versions without using a web browser. Incapsula must have convinced some non-web person at Nvidia that using their service/cookies somehow magically makes their website safer. It’s stupid to have to but you can force your way around that silly “protection” that blocks non-browser users from download forum pages here.

I was hoping for another solution that wasn’t such a hassle.

Ah, I wasn’t quite clear enough in my response. Those are the URLs I use with wget. The no-compat32 versions don’t seem to be advertised anywhere, which is the main reason I started doing the wget thing in the first place. You could do something simple like this and all you would need to know is the version you want (which you can easily get from either the lead thread in this forum or the nvidia download search):




Then just run that script with the version number as an argument.

Try using the ftp server

Maybe I’m still not being clear enough. I’m trying to fetch the version numbers for the current stable & beta drivers, not trying to download the binary installer/*.run files. If you look at the thread, that list of driver versions is what I’m after (including beta versions). The problem is for some (probably silly) reason, downloading a forum webpage is blocked here. You can hack around it but it’s a hassle so I’ll only do that as a last resort. Additionally, Nvidia’s own webpage doesn’t include beta versions so that’s useless to me. Last, the stuff at unfortunately doesn’t tell you which versions are stable and which are beta.

I want to retrieve the current stable & beta driver versions, preferably without needing to hack around the “protection” that prevents webcrawling/downloading forum pages. The “Current graphics driver releases” post has the info I need, but requires a hack to download the page. Their FTP doesn’t list what versions are stable & beta, and their driver list webpage doesn’t include betas. So as far as I know, the only place with all the info I need is the “Current graphics driver releases” post here. But, I don’t know everything so there may be another source/location for what I’m looking for, or an easy way that I’m unaware of to hack around the web “protection” in order to download the “Current graphics driver releases” post and parse out the info I need. That’s what I’m inquiring about – like I said, downloading the drivers is a piece of cake but that’s not what I’m after.

I get what you are after and I think it used to be there a long time ago. I wish it were there as well so that I didn’t have to manually wget every time I see a new version released. The frustrating part is that it’s so simple for the site maintainers to create that symlink.

If you get some time, maybe poke through the nvidia-installer script argument to see if there are any hints as to how they check the version. I will try to remember to take a look when I get home tonight.

It seems like you would have to use a combination of the site for the stable releases, and the site for beta releases. The site also has a list that includes beta drivers here:

Have a look at and

Yes, quite. Thanks for pointing this out. In fact, this is the code I use to generate the links in the “Current graphics driver releases” post, so looking at is getting the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

If it’s helpful for anyone, that code also sets up a redirect from
to the current version of the README.

Maintaining this isn’t an official NVIDIA thing so please don’t consider it officially supported. I try my best to keep it up to date but it could get a little stale if I go on a long vacation or extended leave or whatever.

I want to update the Ubuntu nvidia package with the latest drivers. By far the most seamless way is to drop in the version but I can not see an easy way to download this.
Am I missing something?