NVIDIA GRID K520 for Blender - how make it?

Hi everyone!
I have the opportunity to buy a second hand NVIDIA GRID K520. I would like to use it to speed up rendering in Cycles (CUDA) in Blender (for my own use). From what I read and I think I understood correctly, do I have to create a virtual machine and install a blender in it to use this card? I use a workstation with Windows 10 Pro (Blender, Substance Painter, Affinity Photo etc). It will not matter if I run Blender on Windows or Linux
And now some questions:

  1. Are there anything required in addition to the graphics card and drivers? And is there any hidden costs? (eg buy a card + additional software or a license to use it?)
  2. Can I use the free Virtualbox (I see Vmware and Xen)?
  3. And maybe I am wrong and I can use this card in a completely different way?

Thank you for all the answers and I apologize if my questions are too trivial :-) (until that time I installed home virtual machines with www servers on linux)