Grid for 2 VMs on RHEL 8 Wkstn - Possible? And which gfx card is required?

Hi All,

We have the need to run two VMs (one with Windows 7, the second one with Fedora Linux 28) as KVM guests on RHEL 8 Workstation. Both VMs need accelerated graphics, i.e. OpenGL, although at very modest level.

When the VMs are used, a user is sitting in front of the workstation and interacting with both VMs directly, so the local RHEL 8 desktop needs some graphics as well.

My thought was to use a Nvidia card and virtualize it through GRID so that each VM sees a virtual Nvidia card it can use with regular Nvidia drivers. Having said that, I have no experience with the GRID software.

So my first question would be if this can be done, and if yes, what (entry-level) Nvidia craphics card I need. Would a Quadro card suffice, or do I need something like a Tesla? Do I need two cards or can I get away with one card (which will also be used for the RHEL 8 desktop)?