Nvidia insight not able to build qt code


I am running a console machine learning application developed with Nvidia Insight for TX2, i am trying to add QT GUI to my consloe application i was not successful. I tried for couple of days with not much success.

I did try adding Qt includes and qt libraries to Nvidia Insight and basic qt application window is working fine.

The issue is that if i add qt classes whcih as QOBJECT macros its failing to build with vtable errors.

Nvidia insight doesnt seems to be understanding QOBject macro and not sucessful in making it to work.

I am in dilema on which approach to procced

  1. QT Creator – Requires converting existing Nvidia-Insight into .pro file and not sure if i can still get all the benefits which Insight has like remote-build/deployment/sync.

  2. Insight – console application works but not successful to compile QObject macros, unable to moc compilers/UI forms

Any thoughts/suggestions

Nsight Eclipse is for mainly CUDA development.

You may use QT creator to build the QT applications and can bring the source code and binaries to Nsight for remote deployment and debugging.

Are you able to build the QT code outside of Nsight?
Sometimes you need to rerun the qmake to create necessary rules for moc.

My situation is i need to use the button actions and how to access qt code from the main application code?

Thanks for the expected help