Nvidia Jetson agx xavier module 16Gb preproduction

Android installed. Is it possible to install Linux?

Hi @anatol_vk

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I’m not sure waht do you mean, how do you get Android installed?
You want to reflash your system or ?

No idea what you are taking about.

Thank you for your attention to me.
I’m interested in what the phrase “preproduction” means. Android is installed on the board from the manufacturer. I have an opinion that the fuses on the board are programmed by the manufacturer so that without knowing the key it is impossible to create another bootloader.

Then you should contact the vendor but not us.
I don’t think we directly support Android stuff here on the forum.

I want to install Linux instead of Android.
Perhaps you know what the phrase in the name of the board “preproduction” means?
Thank you.

I search with the keyword you gave, and I found this:

Did you mean this?

I don’t know how this guy installed the Android system meant for Shield Tablets into Jetson devices. You should ask him.
It’s fine if you can get it done with SDK Manager; if you cannot, then I don’t know.

Yes, this is the board. I am in touch with the seller. He did not install Android. The board was bought with Android installed on eBay. He couldn’t install Linux, hence the low price. Therefore, before buying, I find out what is the reason.

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