NVIDIA Jetson CAD Modell


Is there a 3D CAD Modell of the Nvidia Jetson Development Platform? I searched for it and found nothing except the official 2D drawing from Nvidia. I got that from the official development zone, and it is great for the pins and positions of connectors, it is however a 2D drawing, thus giving me no sense for the height of the components.

Does anyone know if such a 3D Model exists or where I could look for more information?

Thanks and best regards

Yes there is a 3d model of jetson tk1. You need to download and open the official model (the one with ugly case) from jetson tk1 documentation page and delete or hide case 3d object. Filename is Jetson_TK1_FabD_3D.stp and objects in model to be hidden or deleted are PM375_ASM0[13-18]. Not very accurate but there is everything what is needed. Cheers!

Hey thanks for the info =) is this modell publicly available? Do you have a link for that?

I tried searching for the filename on google, found the link but cannot download it since its in the restricted developer area. Any Idea which developer programm I need to join? Its not the CUDA programm, I am already part of that.

Many Thanks

I cant seem to find it anymore… Here it is as solidworks files…

(ill look for it at work)

youll have to right click -> save as on the link.