Nvidia Jetson Orin: GStreamer "nvarguscamerasrc" Error


I have recently purchased the ArduCam IMX219 multicamera system to work with my Jetson AGX Orin. It uses GStreamer and I have not used this framework before. I have installed all the camera drivers and when I try to run:

gst-launch-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc sensor-id=$SENSOR_ID ! “video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),width=$width,height=$height,framerate=$FRAMERATE/1” ! nvvidconv ! nvoverlaysink

I get:

"ERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: no element “nvarguscamerasrc”

I am trying to reference this material: ArduCam IMX219 Docs

My system environments are:
L4T 35.4.1
Jetpack 5.1.2
GStreamer 1.16.3

Can you please help me resolve this issue? I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

hello addoxxx,

how did you flash the target? what image you’re used?
and… had you also refer to wiki page for the session [Install Camera Driver]?

Hi Jerry,

I used an SDK manager (version to flash my target device from the previous L4T version to the current version. I apologize, but I didn’t understand your follow-up questions. As for flashing the target, I used the image downloaded by the SDK manager and I haven’t looked at the associated wiki page.

hello addoxxx,

this is customize board, it doesn’t supported with default Jetpack release image.
as docs.arducam.com mentioned here… you’ll need to download the script file from Arducam to install IMX219 camera driver.

please contact with vendor for further supports.

Hey Jerry,

ArduCam has confirmed that the Jetpack version I installed with SDK Manager is compatible with Jetson AGX Orin. It’s on this page Jetson Cameras.

I was able to install the right camera drivers for my Jetson Orin kernel without any issues. However, there appears to be a challenge with GStreamer when it comes to utilizing the camera. Could the nvarguscamerasrc error be caused by an issue with my system environment and GStreamer?

hello addoxxx,

is the camera device register to Linux system correctly, for instance, can you see $ ls /dev/video* for camera nodes?
if yes. please following Applications Using V4L2 IOCTL Directly by running V4L2 IOCTL to verify basic camera functionality.
if not. you should gather kernel init messages with $ dmesg > klogs.txt for checking device registration.

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