nvidia keeps crashing can it fix?

sorry for posting agien i didnt see this topic**

hello guys :wave: i was woundering why is my nvidia video card always crashing when i play games?these green lines come up and then a blue screen comes up saying"nd_4.dll has stoped working unexpecticly to prevent damage the computer will now restart".the symtoms are a green line come all over the monitar and the game crashes.sometimes there little square green dots or line that are green. oh ya and im using nvidia geforce 7300 GS.how do i fix this anoyying problem.im scared to bye a new nvidia video card because this problem might happen agien. this prevents me from playing video games PLEASE what do i do

Does this problem occur with only one game ?? OR Does it occur with almost every game you play ? Could be – the problem is with your game?

Try changing your PCI (X or E) slot… Probably the card is not fit properly. Try fitting it in properly…

Upgrade NVIDIA drivers, DirectX if required. You first probably need to find out what verions of these work with your card.

Good luck!!!

You would probably get more help in the games or hardware sub-forums. This one is for CUDA programming.

i now but i upgraded my video card,and it is fit propely and this occurs with every game!

And still you post in the wrong forum.

I think he knows this is wrong forum… but still he is trying his luck. :-)

We can only hope he has posted in other relevant forums as well.

Upgraded ur video card?? So, u used a different Video Card? Interesting…

What about drivers and DirectX? Are you using the recommended versions?

Did you try a different PCI-E slot?

Probably your OS needs some security upgrade or some fixes? Are you running the latest service pack?

If nothing fixes then this could be a motherboard problem? OR Some BIOS setting that is hitting you in a strange way…

Good Luck!

Sounds like a crappy MB, hope he can fix this problem. Also take a look at your fans on the GPU. I once also had this problem playing Crysis @ 1920x1200 problem was my GPU just gets to hot… :)

Or just stick to the Civilization franchise of games. It’s better than any FPS I know. :yes: