Nvidia GeForce 710M

Hello everybody recently I faced problem which is blue screen with and restarting computer after that. This happens when I tried to launch League of Legends I am using driver downloaded from acer official site. In League of Legends website says “If you are using an Nvidia Graphics Card with the latest driver, there are some known instability with it that are causing crashing/freezing with League of Legends. Make sure that you download their updated driver (364.51) which should help to resolve this.” so I downloaded that driver form Nvidia website but after the installation when I check device manager above the Nvidia driver yellow triangle with exclamation mark inside appears and when I check from properties it says"Windows stopped that driver because of a problem.(code 43)" then I deleted that driver and installed the other driver from the acer website and when I check the properties from the device manger it says this driver works properly and when I try to start League of Legends that blue page appears. I can only see that there is something “nvlddmkm.sys”. I alreday tried with expanding the nvlddmkm.sys file and replacing it in C:Windows/system32/drivers and nothing happens the same problem again. Can you help me please. My laptop is Acer Aspire E1-531G, Intel B960 processor(2.2GHz, 2MB L3 Cache), Nvidia GeForce 710m 1 GB Dedicated VRAM, 4GB DDR3 Memory, OS Windows 7 Ultimate.

Got similar experience on win 10 32bit. NVIDIA drivers from 6 June 2016.
It happens when I start minecraft for my son. It gives a strange robotic high-pitch noise sound too, similar to what could be heard on the good old Amiga days. Watching the Windows event log it says something along the lines that the graphics card failed to operate.
I still got receipt so I will leave it back in the store.
Do not have time fiddling with graphics cards that do not work.
I have more important things todo.

hello ! I have 2 nvidia quadro 4000 . when i use gpu nr. 1 everything is ok(only one gpu) but when i use gpu nr.2 (only one gpu) i cant login because i see blue screen and problem is nvlddmkm.sys …i have installed windows 10 & 7 and the problem continues with blue screen, too i installed all nvidia quadro 377.61 , 377.83 , 377.84 and for gpu nr.1 everything works fine …but if i remove gpu nr.1 and i put gpu nr.2 appears again bluescreen with nvlddmkm.sys