NVIDIA Launches Teaching Kit for Edge AI and Robotics Educators

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-launches-teaching-kit-for-edge-ai-and-robotics-educators/

NVIDIA DLI, with two leading universities, released a new multimodule teaching kit for educators to teach the latest material on edge AI and robotics.

Yes, it was very helpful. Wonderful Progress. I would like to receive access to modules 5 and 6 if possible. Thanks in Advance. You all did a wonderful job - just what the students needed. I would prefer they use the Nvidia capabilities vs anything else. Beautiful.

Hi @g.brown1, thanks for your interest - modules 5 and 6 are still in development. We’ll release an update to the Teaching Kit when these modules are complete.

Dusty, I have followed everything Jetson for a couple of years beginning with the TK1 and TX2 through Nano models. I have also followed the sessions you have done, and I am ecstatic about ROS2 inclusion as well as how nicely the courses are laid out. We work with a great developer network here in Houston that has climbed all over Jetson. Needless to say, I am more than just a fan. We are building a big program in A.I. here at Houston Community College because Houston and Texas are booming. So, we are trying to get students trained with the best of the best. I have been through the different iterations of Jetbot and what you presented in the recent session makes it easier for our faculty to dig into. I don’t care what the state of 5 and 6 are, in fact we would love to contribute if you find that helpful. But I took your highlights and words seriously that you might make early versions available. We have been working with Louis Stewart and Joe Bungo on finding ways to collaborate.

I think what you have done with the Jetson Course is just right for our students. One of the things that distinguishes our program in A.I. from any other is the emphasis we place on the High-Quality Hand’s-on nature of our Laboratories. This makes all the difference in how well students will acquire the necessary skills to become A.I. Support Specialists. Our job at the Community College Level is to train as many people as fast as possible with the best foundations possible. I firmly believe Nvidia is key to how we attain “Highest Quality in our laboratories.” So, my appeal is please let us help and participate. We can be users, contributors, developers, and assessment feedback providers. So, thank you in advance for all the great work. You have made our jobs infinitely easier in training a very diverse workforce.

As a side note, prior to Nano I taught Raspberry Pi laboratories (up to RPI4 8Gig) to well over 1,000 HCC students to help them get into programming and understanding robotics because no formal courses were offered to “No Prerequisite” students. This was a testbed to understand what was really needed. We began to look at TK1 but affordability and capability were a little daunting. When Nano came out - we burned through quite a few trying to set up more official programs. Then Covid hit. All we could do was experiment with the different models and prepare lab setups. We had postponed the laboratory developments until Spring of 2022. Given that background we are more than prepared to implement your programs. HCC has more than 100,000 students across 21 campuses, so we are a ready and willing partner.

Kindest Regards, Raymond

Hi Raymond - thanks for the kind words! It sounds like a great program that you are building down there.

Many of the labs from the course use the various GitHub projects/tutorials that we have.

The GitHub for Module 6 (conversational AI) is already functional - https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-voice
So you can take that for a spin now if you want.

The code for Module 5 (reinforcement learning) I still need to update, but will let you know when it’s ready to try. It will be in this repo, but it needs updated in order to be functional again. https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-reinforcement

Sincerest thanks. You are amazing!

Best regards, Raymond.