NVIDIA Teaching Kits

Do you teach courses in machine/deep learning, parallel programming, robotics, embedded systems, high-performance computing, computer architecture, computer graphics, algorithms or computational domain sciences? NVIDIA’s Teaching Kits
provide free teaching materials and resources—co-developed with academia—to instructors, enabling you to empower your students with the deep learning and computing skills they’ll need tomorrow.

The DLI Teaching Kit contains lecture slides, labs/solutions and quiz/exam problem sets covering the academic theory and fundamental application of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) on GPUs using the PyTorch and Torch computing frameworks.

The GPU Teaching Kit for Accelerated Computing covers introductory and advanced GPU accelerated/parallel computing topics.

The Robotics Teaching Kit with ‘Jet’ contains everything needed to teach a multidisciplinary course in Robotics. ‘Jet’ is a smart, autonomous, low-cost, educational robot platform.

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I received an email saying that my request for the Teaching kit has been approved. However, I am unable to access them. I get the following error message:

[i]Membership Required

Sorry, but access to the content you have requested is restricted.

As a faculty member or verifiable teaching assistant, you can request access by contacting us via the Teaching Kits Contact Form.

My user id is anurag19. Thanks.

Hi Anurag - you have access now. Sometimes there is a delay between the notification and actual access.

Same problem, my user id is cbr4yan94. Thanks

Students are not eligible for direct access to Teaching Kits unless directly involved in teaching courses at a university and advisor/instructor signs off. Can you please have your instructor make the request the same way you did at https://developer.nvidia.com/teaching-kits?

I need a teaching kit for tensor flow, for a project on Singularity#1, Singularity#1 is an advanced project of my university, where we get deep learning nets to develop hardware and software for robotic external hardware.
This is based on the Jetson Nano architecture, but we would like to downscale the Jetson to BLE based MCU with a HDMI compatible GPU offering, in a stick form, essentially a HDMI stick, lower power ratings and mobile.
Is there support for this, a customizable hardware teaching kit?

Are you teaching courses at your university? If so, you would be eligible to get access to the Teaching Kits: https://developer.nvidia.com/teaching-kits. Have you already made the request?

Our Teaching Kits are modular and come in source form, so educators are free to customize and tailor all of the content for their teaching needs.

Hi Bungo, I requested the kit for robotics, I am a champion for CoderDojo, and will be teaching as a study at Fairfield Iowa.
Can the kit be approved for CoderDojo?
CoderDojo is registered in the USA and is based in Dublin Ireland.

Can you please make the request with verifiable information that you teach at a university, high school, or other academic institution? We don’t normally provide Teaching Kits directly to other training organizations otherwise.

I have requested GPU Teaching Kit slides, but my request is still pending.
If anyone has the slides, I would be thankful if he/she sends me them via my email to “jahangiryms@gmail.com
I teach GPU-based acceleration this semester and those slides can greatly enhance education quality.
Thanks in advance


You now have full access to Teaching Kits, thanks!

I teach courses on ML and AI to undergraduate students and requested for access to the Deep Leaning Teaching Kit.
It says approval is pending for a few days. Please let me know the status.
nanu@slcs dot edu dot in

You have full access as well now Nanu

Hi…My request for teaching kits is still pending…

You now have full access Sandhya.

Hi…My request for teaching kits is still pending… Can you help me please.

You now have full access!

Thank you so much

Hi,My request for teaching kits is still pending.Can you help me, please.

I see your request, and while you may be approved to the Educators Resources Program you will see that you will likely not get direct access to Teaching Kits unless you are directly involved in teaching at your school. We ask that you ask your instructor(s) to request access the same way you did at https://developer.nvidia.com/teaching-kits. From there he/she can distribute content to students and/or use content in the course.