NVIDIA NVS 4200M overheating at Linux Mint 21.3 MATE

Hello everyone. I’ve got a Samsung laptop with the only graphics card called nVidia NVS 4200M. There’s no any other graphics installed in this laptop, only this discrete one. I’ve also got two OS in this laptop, Windows 11 and Linux Mint 21.3 MATE. At Windows 11 there’s the latest nVidia driver installed and everything works fine, no overheating, no fan noise, brightness controls work fine. At Linux Mint 21.3 MATE, however, with nVidia driver on (at Driver Manager option) there’s GPU overheating (with over 1.2V voltage), loud fan noise and failing brightness controls, I can neighter increase nor decrease display brightness. While Nouveau driver works fine (with about 1.0V voltage), the same way that in Windows 11. Should I blacklist Nouveau driver before switching to nVidia one? Or what is the correct solution of my problem?

The NVS4200M is 13 years old, only supported up to driver 390. If you installed the latest nvidia driver on Windows 11 (no matter getting that to run on 13 year old hardware), it’s not even used. Which nvidia driver did you install on Mint? If you have better results using nouveau, you should rather stick with that, the 390 driver is out of support for several years.

Both at Windows and Linux I use the latest driver offered at nVidia website. Windows 11 works fine with this. Linux also works fine, due to my latest experience, just most of the noise comes from the second HDD installed in my laptop. However, recently I tried to switch back to Nouveau, and after that I only got 800x600 resolution without possibility to change it to the higher one. These days I also booted from Linux Mint LiveCD and noticed that the default Nouveau driver gives same, if not the louder, fan noise and same, if not the higher, temperature as nVidia one. So I doubt now Nouveau one is better, as nVidia driver is probably more optimized for nVidia GPU than the open-source general driver.