drivers 340.102 - linux mint 18.2 - geforce 8400 gt - overheating -

Hi, i’ll say thank you in advance for any suggestion could help me to solve this issue.
I have just upgraded my older drivers (from 2007-sony vaio vgn-nr21z)…
the older version of drivers were not any more able to manage new graphic application, they were very slow… and seems no more supported…

so i upgraded my drivers and followed all the recommendend NVIDIA suggestion for my hardware and choose 340.102 instead of 304.135 (very slow and not working properly…)

the drivers work perfectly, but it seems fan cooling system is not working faster as requested…

the temperature reached 107° C degrees, that seems to me dangerous for the hardware, even if there is written that is not the higher temperature that could be reached.

my graphic cpu never reached till now more than 90° C degrees, so it feels bad to me.
and i’m worried about the safety of my hardware.

i’m looking for suggestion about:

  • other performanting driver
  • a way to control fan running faster (its summer time…there is almost 40° C degrees)
  • other suggestion to manage overheating