NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK (Turing) - motion field 'runs' in black border areas

I am currently testing the new NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK for Turing GPUs in terms of quality and speed.
I am using the DirectX11 Sample application.
The flow is parameterization in mode ‘slow’, and the ‘temporal hints’ are disabled.

Principelly. the performance of the Optical Flow algorithm looks quite good, quality and speed wise.

But, I have one sequence (images with black ‘overscan’ areas on the left and right border), where the calculation motion field ‘runs’ in the black border areas (instead of being zero there).

With ‘running’, I mean that in these areas the flow vectors have a high magnitude.
That is of course a problem, as it affects negatively the warped image, and also all calculations derived from the motion field (e.g., when you are using the motion-field for ‘stabilizing’ an image sequence)

Of course big homogenous areas (like the black borders) are always a problem for an optical flow algorithm, but every reasonable regularized optical flow algorithm will tend in this areas to the ‘zero motion’

Is there anything in terms of parametrization I can do to resolve this issue ? Is there sort of ‘regularization’ paramter (like in TV-L1) which I can tune in order to control the smoothness of the motionfield ? Is that a known issue ?

Related question: Is there an ETA for the SDK version 1.1 ? The current version of the SDK is 1.0.

Thank you for the feedback.

This is a known issue. Unfortunately, there is no parameter that can be tuned at the API level to fix this.

The issue is being addressed in the next SDK version 1.1.

Sounds good ! Thanks in advance.