NVIDIA Picasso Service Registration - Request for Updates and Availability

Dear NVIDIA Picasso Support Team,

I have recently completed the registration process for your esteemed NVIDIA Picasso service.
In order to plan my utilization of this service effectively, I kindly request that you provide me with any pertinent updates regarding its availability. Additionally, if possible, please share an estimated timeline for when the service is expected to be accessible.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Hello @tomer7,

Thank you for your interest in Picasso!

Unfortunately right now we are not able to disclose any further information or timelines than what you can find on the official Developer page or in the acknowledgment email you received after signing up for notification.

At this stage we can only ask for your patience. As soon as there are more news, you will find them on the landing page and any registered interested parties will be notified through the email address they used to register for notifications.

Also, there will likely be a separate Forum category as part of the top level topic “Accelerated Computing”. MOSAIC is our multi-monitor tiling SDK, unrelated to Generative AI features like Picasso.


Hello @MarkusHoHo,

Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate the information and I’ll be patient while waiting for further updates on Picasso. I’m excited for it to become available and can’t wait to explore its capabilities.

Best regards.

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Thank you for your question and patience. As we work with our partners to make this cutting-edge technology accessible, we invite you to join us at COMPUTEX and SIGGRAPH to learn more about our Generative AI announcements from GTC. If you have already signed up [here], we will be communicating more details shortly.

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