Nvidia Python Package Index not finding nvidia-tensorrt

Hello, I am trying to install TensorRT into my virtual environment.

I ran:
pip install nvidia-pyindex
pip install nvidia-tensorrt

And I am still getting the error message that I am trying to install the placeholder file on PyPi. I tried editing the pip config so it would only search the Nvidia Python Package Index and it still can not find the package.

I also tried doing:
pip install nvidia-tensorrt==7.2.1

etc… trying different numbers and it can’t find the package.

I am using a supported python version (3.6.5) and I am connected to the internet. . .

Is the installation page out of date? Did the package name change? What is going on?


Do you use Jetson device?

If yes, the TensorRT package is only available from the SDK manager.
The version is fixed according to the JetPack version due to some driver dependencies.

So please use --system-site-packages to use the host package directly.