Nvidia Sample Rootfs OP-TEE Binaries vs Public Source OP-TEE

If you download the Nvidia BSP sources from this link provided by Nvidia, you can compile OP-TEE as well as your own TA/CA for TrustZone.

In the atf_and_optee_README.txt, step 3 specifies:

  1. Copy all the files under ./optee/install/t< platform > to the target.

When running l4t_initrd_flash.sh from JetPack 5.0.2, it will download a sample Nvidia rootfs if one doesn’t exist. When flashing the Nvidia rootfs to an Xavier Nx, you’ll see a suite of compiled TAs provided by Nvidia in /lib/optee_armtz/.

What I am not sure about is if there’s a difference in versioning between the binaries provided in the Nvidia rootfs for TrustZone applications and the public_sources tarball. I want to know if I can safely install my own compilation of optee and overwrite binaries that conflict, e.g. tee-supplicant?

In summary: Is there versioning for the OP-TEE provided in Nvidia Sample Rootfs and in OP-TEE provided by public_sources?

hello ozy,

the public release package is the sources file from each JetPack release,
for example, r35.1 public sources is the sources from JetPack-5.0.2.

so, may I know what’s the failure, do you seeing any difference?

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