nvidia-settings -a command does not work.

Hey guys,

I ve been trying for over 2 days now to make the commands

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GpuPowerMizerMode=1
nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUFanControlState=1
nvidia-settings -a [fan:0]/GPUTargetFanSpeed=58

to be working again. I reinstalled Ubuntu 16.xx and after the reinstall I can’t use those parameters anymore. Coolbits are enabled (24). I ve been testing different Nvidia drivers but all give me the same fault message:

[i]ERROR: Error querying enabled displays on GPU 0 (Missing Extension).

ERROR: Error querying connected displays on GPU 0 (Missing Extension).

ERROR: Error resolving target specification ‘gpu:0’ (No targets match target specification), specified in assignment ‘[gpu:0]/GpuPowerMizerMode=1’.[/i]

Anyone knows what I possibly could have done wrong.

Thanks for you help in advance !


If I set the Fan speed or overclocking on the GUI it works. But not with commands :(

It looks like your drivers are not properly installed.

Without nvidia-bug-report it’s hard to say.

OK, I hope this helps. Quite a long file
nvidia-bug-report.log (547 KB)