Nvidia smart record file name


I enabled to smart record feature in Deepstream SDK 5.0. It generated output file name as " **smart_record_250_00000_20210312-024819_17712.mkv".
File name format look like: Prefix + camera-id+“time stamp”.mkv
I want to convert “20210312-024819_17712” to epoch time.

Can somebody help me what type of this time stamp? How to convert this time stamp to UTC or EPOCH time in python?

Is it possible to pass complete user string instead of prefix string to generate smart record file?

Hey, sorry for the late, are you using deepstream-test5 and enable smart record in the config file?
And here is a detailed doc for smart record Smart Video Record — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation , could you check it?

Hi, Did you find any solutions for this, pls?

No but I append my generated time stamp along with smart record generated string