Nvidia-smi` but got `no devices were found`

Can i know NVIDIA card is broken or not without open the laptop because it is in warranty but the place is not near for me and will take much time… Is there any program in Ubuntu of command to check if the NVIDIA is working well or not ?

i used nvidia-smi but got no devices were found . Although i installed it
Also I got this message after running gpu and felt that laptop becomes hot

The monitor displays an error saying: CPU #: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled.

Is there any relation ?

ubuntu 20+ nvidia 450

lenovo rtx 2060

i hope can someone help me … if there is any information that i should post , please tell me … thanks in advancenvidia-bug-report.log (798.1 KB)

The log shows:

RmInitAdapter failed!

which AFAIK points to hardware failure.

Thanks for replying so IAM not able to do anything? Or how it can be a hardware failure and it’s new … does this problem with the factory of laptop or does it broken during my work ?

Did you blacklist the nouveau driver?
Maybe that is blocking the adapter. So the nvidia driver cannot init the card.